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The i4.0 SME Cluster

“…to be competitive in Global Value Chains, Cambodia must leapfrog from an i2.0 environment to a scalable German i4.0 environment ….”

  1. It is an Ecosystem
  2. Bridges the gap between FDI & SMEs
  3. Remove SME & Startup barriers
  4. Creates Value Chains which are “co-opetitive”
  5. Attractive to new form of investment
  6. Makes 4.0 Technologies accessible
  7. Is Actively managed
  8. Is transferrable & transportable (decentralized)
  9. Addresses Economic Environmental & Social challenges
  10. Creates synergies between Academia & Industry
  11. Is Cost friendly for SMEs & Startups
  12. Removes social “Despair Event Horizons”
WBID SME Cluster
Value Proposition