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  • The Bridge Soho Tower #38-25 National Assembly Street, Village 14, Tonle Bassac Commune, Chamkarmorn District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • +855 23 723 770


WBID SME Clusters and their Ecosystems are individually planned to meet the requirements of any investor, manufacturer and activity. Using modularly planned facilities, infrastructure and the latest advances in green factory design and construction, a wide range of cost-efficient, flexible and modern facility solutions can be offered to our tenants for lease.

All rental facilities are delivered to the tenant in a core and shell condition with metered connections to the Cluster’s hybrid power supply, public water and drainage already in place. Building management, maintenance, CCTV security and energy management systems are provided by WBID.

With our modular approach, Tenants benefit by:

  • Facilities can be arranged to meet any equipment and production line configuration
  • Facilities can be quickly expanded according to specific production needs
  • Initial facility investment is minimized with reduced risks
  • Lower operating costs without direct investment


Our facilities include the following options:

  1. Standard factory facilities for manufacturers are inclusive of:
    • open production area (560m2)
    • shipping & receiving area (80 m2)
    • flexible office & showroom space (324m2) and
    • external yard / parking area (160m2)
  2. 640m2 “Factory Expansion Sets” can be added at any time to accommodate initial space requirements or business growth.
  3. In addition to our standard SME Factory facilities, WBID Clusters also offer:
      • 1,120m2, 2-story, fully enclosed factory facilities
      • 1,120m2, 2-level, environmentally controlled, R&D / Prototyping facilities.
      • 80m2 – 160m2, stand-alone workshop / retail facilities.
      • 560m2, covered pavilions or storage area.
      • Additional external yard space (available in 160m2 units).
      • Office, retail or commercial space inside the Cluster Services Center.


Each tenant may fit-out their facilities according to their specific business needs and production requirements at their cost and WBID approval. WBID will coordinate the Tenant’s MEP requirements with the Cluster’s infrastructure and designated contractors. WBID can also provide engineering and construction services at cost.